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A Non-Profit Organization working towards Building Strong Communities to End Sexual Violence against Children.

What We Do

Break the Conversational Gridlock around Sexual Violence

Equip Schools with Tools and Skills to Ensure Primary Prevention of Sexual Abuse

Community Awareness and Sensitivity for Sexual Violence 

Facilitate translation of Government Policies on Sexual Violence at the Grassroot Level


Our Approach

Ours is a unique ‘integrated and community-based approach’ to address sexual violence against children. 

We advocate that sexual violence does not take place in a laboratory kind of set-up but in a complex social-cultural arena. We treat it as a socially rooted issue which might be accompanied by other forms of violence (such as bullying, domestic abuse) and structural factors (such as caste, gender) and thus, attempt to address it through the creation of informed and sensitive communities that may release the child from the sole responsibility of saving himself/herself.

Mapping the community sensibilities, intervening with a simplified knowledge to address abuse, and ensuring the creation and maintenance of social accountability is what defines our tri-fold modus operandi.


Testimonials and Coverage 

Contact Us

Nirmal Initiative 
297, Shri Ganesha Nand Ashram
Gurukul Road,
Vrindavan, U.P.



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