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Nirmal Initiative: A Glimpse 

Nirmal Initiative is a Vrindavan-based non-profit organization working to address sexual violence against children since 2015. 


Adhering to the statement, “It takes a village to raise a child”, Nirmal Initiative emphasizes that it takes an entire village/community to raise children in an atmosphere free of Sexual Violence.

Thus, we engage with a village/community at a time; and while we work with the teachers and children in their respective schools to inform, sensitize and equip them to ensure primary prevention of sexual abuse, we also engage on the issues of Sexual Violence with the families during home visits and organize creative awareness drive on the issue at the community level.

Employing a community-based approach to address sexual violence against children, we take little yet lasting steps to move from the culture of silence, stigma, and suffering to a culture of safety, compassion, and trust.


Our Team and Support

Being one in heart and mind to address sexual violence against children, our team comprises of some of the diverse people having an expertise in philosophy and sociology of violence, education, and social work; supported by a dedicated, sensitive, and informed group of volunteers working across various cities of India.


Shweta Goswami

Founder and Director

Shweta has engaged in numerous community-level projects over the years and has explored the philosophy of inter-personal violence and its relation to caste at length. With a heart and mind committed to address Sexual Violence in the most organic manner, she founded Nirmal Initiative, and continue to nurture it with immense love and care.


Himani Saini

Content and Curriculum Developer

Having professional training and experience in Elementary Education, Sociology of Education, and Child Sexual Abuse, Himani views the school as a vital space that perpetuates yet can counter Sexual Violence. She conceptualizes and develops instructional resources and training programs for young children and teachers at Nirmal Initiative.  


Ankita Agarwal

Operational Head and


An IIT Bombay post-graduate in Design Engineering, Ankita worked for 7 years in a Cumins India, and her deep interest in addressing Sexual Violence made her join Nirmal Initiative Trust. At present,  Ankita takes care of the operational and logistics responsibilities at

Nirmal Initiative. 

2020-06-18 (1).jpg

Khurshid Alam



Khurshid holds a strong desire to create an inclusive educational society. His professional training and competence in Social Work, along with a vision to create a Sexual Violence free community 

has brought him to join Nirmal Initiative. 


Jitendra Verma

Field Coordinator 


Jitendra has professional training in teaching children at elementary level. He love teaching and learning. He staunchly believes that fostering love for learning among children is like sowing and nurturing a Peepal tree. Once it is rooted it grows on low maintenance even in difficult seasons of life.

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