Abundance Forever: A Fund-Raising Drive for the education of girl children from the Nat Community


Dear friend,

We have a gentle proposal for you. Would you like to support the education of girl children belonging to the Nat community (tight rope walkers and traditional acrobats)? This community was nomadic for centuries. These communities never believed in owning the land, moved freely, and shared news and stories of one place to another. Their profession to entertain people were criminalized by British colonial rule. The stigma they still bear (I recommend you to watch Neena Gupta's movie 'The last color to relate with their lives). 

In Uttar Pradesh, these communities have started settling over the years. But they are not accepted by the village society that firmly believes in the caste system. They are mostly given some barren land to build their settlement far from the rest of the village. Due to extreme poverty and fear of sexual violence by the dominant caste mostly when they go to fetch fodder for the cattle, the girls are married as soon as they reach puberty. 


Few of the children attend the government primary school but they experience untouchability and caste-based bullying. Even if some children succeed to pass the primary, by the time they reach junior school they start to lose interest in studies due to regular bullying at government school with fewer resources and teachers to safeguard the dignity of these children.


We believe that support for the children from the very beginning by providing good, sustained education and health care will eventually enable the community to break the chains of systemic marginalization and have upward mobility in society.


This year we have identified 6 girl children from the Nat community settled in village Sakraya, District Mathura, U.P.

Each child will be taking admission in class LKG. The nearest private school is 9kms from their village but the school bus comes to the village. We would like you to sponsor the education of one child. When the children from the ostracized community go to school with other children in the school bus, they challenge the status quo and break the caste boundaries. 

To know the details of the expenses, kindly email at  nirmalinitiative@gmail.com .