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In the wake of Pandemic COVID-19, Nirmal Initiative resolved to support common people in Vrindavan by promoting community health and hygiene.

Since March 2020, the following steps/activities have been undertaken by our organization to ensure the physical and mental health of the community.


Covid-19 Child Protection Kit Distribution

Since there is a steep rise in violence against children and women during the lockdown, we decided to address this issue by making use of our current resources.

We prepared a kit that contains our Colour Book and a series of songs on Child Sexual Abuse prevention, COVID-19 hygiene colouring sheets, wax crayons, vegetable seeds, soap, and a letter/note of positive affirmation for the young children.

The same has been distributed amongst children in 8 villages with the help of Asha workers.

The next lot of protection kit is on its way.

E-Content Development for Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

While children cannot be reached in person by the teachers to teach them about their sexual safety, we decided to develop a small booklet for parents using which they can talk and inform their children about Child Sexual Abuse Prevention. 

The same will be circulated through the district Directorate of Education in the schools that are functioning online due to lockdown, and the respective schools will forward our digital content to the parents/guardians of the enrolled children.

New Microsoft PowerPoint

Sanitary Napkins Distribution

Due to lockdown, many girls have not been able to access the basic requirement of sanitary napkins, either because of the financial crunch in the family or because shops are closed in their respective areas.  

Therefore, we have been providing sanitary napkins for girls (12-22 years old) along with an info-poster about menstrual hygiene in 8 villages with the help of Anganwadi workers. 

Soap Installation in Public Spaces

Since March 2020, right from the onset of lockdown, we have been installing soaps at more than 100 Nagar Nigam public water taps in Mathura-Vrindavan.

These taps are used by many people as the water pipeline has not reached their homes yet. Soaps are used by the front line warriors, sanitation workers, and police patrolling units. However, at present, we have put a halt on this service because our district is under the red zone. 

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