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​Teacher Training Module


To build a community of informed and sensitive adults, we foremostly and primarily engage with school teachers with our theme-based teacher training module.

Doing away with a one-time training session, we engage with them periodically over a span of time around various concepts and themes; we equip them with conceptual understanding and pedagogical tools to understand Sexual Violence against Children and thus, ensure primary prevention of

Child Sexual Abuse.   

Nirmal Initiative

Teacher Training Module 

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Colour Book

Learning should be fun and learning about a serious issue such as Sexual Abuse better be nothing but fun and not a fearsome exercise for the children. Therefore, we use and also encourage the use of our theme-based Colour Book with young children that gives them an opportunity to understand concepts such as Self-Care, Safe and Unsafe Touch, Disclosure with contextual visuals. What we, adults fail to speak to our children about Sexual Abuse, the visuals of this Colour Book speak to them in a child-friendly manner.

Nirmal Initiative Colour Book

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Nirmal Initiative Colour Book

Hindi PDF 

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Song Book

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The problem of Sexual Abuse is the problem of the absence of the right kind of words at the right time; children do not have the words to articulate the abuse or the courage to speak up.

Therefore, through our Song Book, we introduce children to some songs that equip them with a range of playful, sensitive, informative, and child-appropriate words to identify, prevent, and disclose the Sexual Abuse to entrusted adults, as and when required and possible.

Nirmal Initiative Song Book

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Other than engaging with children and teachers in the space of the classroom, we also offer advocacy and required assistance to the institutions to make their respective schools, workspace, or any other institutionalized space aware and intolerant towards Sexual Violence. Being in consonance with the current government rules and policies, we help individuals and communities to ensure an environment free of Sexual Violence

Nirmal Initiative

Advocacy Points PDF 

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